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Traitement de carburant aux enzymes StarTron

Article 6327206
Traitement de carburant aux enzymes StarTron
Article 6327206

The nation’s first-ever, ready-to-use packaged fuel engineered specifically for small engines.

TruFuel consists of the highest quality fuel, lubricant and stabilizing components, resulting in optimal equipment performance and long-term engine health. It combines 92+ octane, ethanol-free premium fuel, pure synthetic oil that exceeds test requirements for ISO-L-EGD, API TC and JASO FD and a proprietary additive package that includes an advanced stabilizer and innovative friction modifier.

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  • TRUFUEL is no ordinary gas - this high performance fuel provides dependable starting, smooth idling and improved throttle response.
  • High octane, Ethanol-free fuel
  • No oil added, cleaner burning and benzene and ethanol free
  • Power Detergent prevents deposits
  • Friction Modifier lubricates engine parts
  • Stabilizer prevents corrosion


Huiles, carburants et lubrifiants

  • Volume 3.25 L
  • Oil/Fuel Category Fuel Stabilizer & Treatment