How To Prepare Your Walk-Behind Mower For Spring

With Spring on the way its way it's time to get your walk-behind mower ready for the season. Here are a few tips to make sure your mower is prepared.

Step 1: Prepare your lawn mower

Before performing any maintenance on your equipment, disconnect the spark plug.

Step 2:  Remove gasoline

Use a siphon pump to remove last season's gasoline from your mower.

Step 3: Change the engine oil

Change the engine oil to remove any damaging debris. Make sure to tip the mower air filter side up when you drain the oil from the fill tube otherwise fuel and oil might leak into the mower, or you can use an oil siphon to make it easier and less messy.

Step 4: Inspect and replace blades

Check the mower blades and tires and replace them if they're worn are damaged

Step 5: drive belt (self-propelled mowers only)

If your mower is self-propelled be sure to check the belt for wear and replace as needed

Step 6: Check and replace air filter

Check the air filter for any built-up dirt or oil and clean it off or replace it if necessary.

Step 7: Check and replace spark plug

Check the spark plug. If the top is stained or damaged you will need to replace it for best performance

Step 8: Clean mower deck

Clean out any grass build-up or debris under the mower housing. Spray the underside with a silicon spray to help prevent buildup. Re-apply about every two cuttings to maintain the silicone coating.

Step 10: Add oil and fuel

Add new oil and fuel to your mower. If you're using gasoline with ethanol make sure to use a fuel stabilizer to help keep it fresh for more than 30 days, or you can use synthetic fuels without ethanol to avoid engine damage

Step 11:  Reconnect the spark plug

Reconnect the spark plug and you're good to go

Follow these tips and you'll be ready for that first cut!

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