Snow Blower Maintenance

Snow Blower Maintenance from MTD

Before the first snowfall blankets your driveway and walkways, make sure your snow blower is ready to go.  Here are five simple snow blower maintenance tips for preparing your machine.


Step 1: Change the oil

The first snow blower maintenance issue you should address is changing the oil.  On the unit, you'll see a canister marked "oil" with a plug on it. Get a pan to catch the oil, then open the plug, and let it drain out. Once it's out, replenish it with fresh oil. Use a dip stick to ensure you add the right amount. Then, run the machine for a few seconds, so the fresh oil works its way into the system.

Step 2: Check the spark plug

While you're refreshing the oil, take a look at the spark plug.  First, disconnect the spark plug wire.  Then, remove the plug.  If it looks damaged or has substantial build up that can't easily be cleaned away, it's time for a new one.  You can locate a replacement spark plug and other snow blower parts using our Outdoor Power Equipment Parts Finder tool.  Once you have the new part, install it, and reconnect the wire.

Step 3: Inspect the belts

If you put your machine away for the summer without taking a look at the snow blower belts, it's possible that heat and previous use wreaked havoc on them. It's best to examine the belts and other snow blower parts for damage before it's time for snow removal.

Step 4: Refresh the fuel

Your snowblower will run more smoothly with fresh gas.  If the gas has been in the tank for a season or two, drain it, and replace it with fresh fuel. To do this, siphon off the old fuel, and add the new.

Step 5: Lubricate snow blower parts

To make snow removal easier, lubricate all of your machine's moving parts (including the drive chassis, auger and any cables that aren't moving smoothly).  This will help prevent jamming or clogging.